Janzimar is committed to being a leading Janitorial, Sanitation and Maintenance organization in the field of first class distribution. As an advisor and consultant to our customers, we seek to identify critical needs, provide state of the art training, fulfill service and financial commitments, and ensure goals are met each and every day. At Janzimar this will always be a directed and fluid process; as technologies and products change, so will our understanding of the latest food safety sanitation and janitorial standards.  We are committed to becoming the single source supplier for our customers by providing the highest quality products with exceptional service. By practicing the standards set below with our customer base, Janzimar can foster and nurture sustainable, diverse priorities and values to organizations seeking to have the best in class Jan/San provider.  In seeking to balance our desire for growth with the obligations which we have as a leader in the Jan/San Industry, we shall strive to:


  • Protect and enhance our company’s high level of ethics and conduct.
  • Maintain a strong customer orientation and demonstrate care for every client, vendor, and employee.
  • Attract and hold customers by offering products and services of consistently superior quality and value.
  • Sustain strong results and orientation coupled with a prudent approach to business.
  • Earn and maintain an industry-wide reputation for consistency, integrity, and optimism about the future.
  • Provide personalized attention and follow-up to maintain high quality and consistent service.
  • Offer alternative “sustainable products” that meet our environmental core values.
  • Maintain accountability, controls, and supervision.
  • Train and motivate every team member to be knowledgeable about industry standards and passionate about their jobs.


Diversity at all levels is critical to Janzimar’s mission of creating an environment that combines a productive culture to our clients and employees. Leveraging diversity with effective management will improve the company’s performance and boost innovation. Janzimar commits to drawing on the talents of all of the firm’s personnel. We seek to attract and retain diverse personnel and clients that will ultimately help create the optimum workplace, and a company that can enter and service varying markets with creativity and integrity.