In the hospitality and food service business, consistency and quality define your brand. Janzimar works closely with you and your staff to ensure your customers enjoy the highest quality experience while lodging or dining at your facility. As one of the leading providers of customized and comprehensive facility solutions, we service a wide variety of hospitality and food service businesses. From the front of the house to the back, from guest rooms to the restaurants, we offer the products and expertise needed to help you compete in this fast changing marketplace.

Our expertise in Housekeeping, Laundry and Warewash solutions will help your staff with labor savings, quality products, as well as economic product savings. In addition to the large range of products we stock, we also offer one of the most comprehensive laundry programs in the industry. We also implement customized Warewash programs for your dining facilities. With both programs, our ASMs (Account Service Managers) will provide you with the technical support and service needed to give you the desired results with your linens, china, flatware, and other kitchen equipment and supplies.

We also implement highly effective, customized room cleaning solutions that are safe for your guests, maintenance staff, and the environment. This can be accomplished through our “green sustainable solution platform.”

Initial and on-going training is key for you and your staff. Our training expertise is tops in the jan//san industry, covering general facility cleanliness, laundry, and warewash systems. Janzimar follows all local, state, and federal training guidelines, and even offers bi-lingual training for your staff.

Our goal is synonymous with yours: to make every stay an opportunity to turn your guests into long-time loyal customers at your hotel property or lodging brand.