Janzimar is pleased to offer your facility a comprehensive Food Safety Sanitation program which includes training, service, reporting, cost-savings, “green-cleaning,” and reduction in inventory management. We have partnered with several businesses throughout the Midwest—businesses committed to improving the Food Safety Sanitation experience through our comprehensive program.

Each Janzimar customer has a well-deserved reputation for quality customer service. Janzimar has been providing our expertise in Food Safety Sanitation for over 19 years. We are confident that implementing the Janzimar Comprehensive Foods Safety Sanitation Program into each of your facilities will help your staff increase the stores’ sanitation, cleanliness and safety. Janzimar’s programs are inclusive and comprehensive, dispensing products, dispensing equipment, and providing support, materials, trainings, and service. This complete program approach allows each facility to attain maximize cleanliness and appearance to maintain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. The program also works toward protecting your bottom line in many cost saving ways.

Program Includes:

• State-of-the-art dispensing equipment
• Unlimited in-house employee training, with material safety data sheets, wall-mounted procedural charts, chemical-specific charts, and bi-lingual trainings.
• 24-Hour assistance, weekly, biweekly, or monthly service visits, and assistance in maintaining adequate inventory levels.
• Chemicals that are environmentally conscious and built on a green platform.

At Janzimar, we are seasoned professionals committed to service. We have developed solutions to help businesses stay ahead of any type of food-borne illness, as well as any type of cross contamination issues. Our Comprehensive Foods Safety Sanitation program is a solution-based program focused on preventing any type of Food Safety issues that may arise in the store. Our solution easily integrates within each location and can enable your company to fully realize the benefits of improved cleanliness throughout each department of the store. Most importantly, we provide the training and support for this new solution that ensures your staff can ramp up quickly and realize improvements in each department.


Our program covers the Key Elements of the OSHA Hazard Communication Standards
The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard is composed of five key elements. These
Five key elements are:
Materials Inventory—A list of the chemicals present in your work area
Safety Data Sheets—A detailed description of each chemical listed in the Materials
Labeling—Chemical containers must have labels which identify the material, and warn of its potential hazard to employees.
Training—All employees must be trained to identify and work safely with chemicals
Written Program—A written program must be developed which ties all of the above together.
These should be present in all departments.

We look forward to working with your company and supporting your efforts to improve the sanitation, cleanliness, and safety within each location. We are confident that we can meet the challenges ahead, and stand ready to partner with you in delivering an effective Food Safety Sanitation solution.