Janzimar offers top-of-the-line cleaning and sanitation solutions for manufacturing and food processing plants, warehouses, or utility facilities. Our staff understands that your employees are highly specialized and that you need to run a lean staff to remain profitable. At the same time, we recognize the legal and ethical maxim of “safety first.” We therefore customize our systems to help you maintain the highest performing work environment, while also preventing injury and illness.

Increased worker compliance to company safety standards is enhanced through distribution of our full line of PPE (personal protective equipment), quality hand care protection, and specialty wiping solutions. Compliance with company, governmental, and industry standards is continuously monitored through initial and on-going trainings.
Our Sales Consultants and Account Service Managers also research state-of-the-art technology before consulting with your team. We pride ourselves on spotting unique opportunities, while also proactively addressing unexpected challenges. Our expertise is enhanced through strong strategic partnerships with our chemical, packaging and equipment manufacturers. Janzimar also specializes in custom packaging design and equipment, and maintenance supplies specifically tailored to the manufacturing industry.

Here are a few other areas of expertise that Janzimar provides, which can assist your organization to “get to the next level” of safety and success:

• Shipping & Packaging Programs
• Food Safety Sanitation Programs
• Multiple Location Deliveries
• Hands on Training
• Training Videos
• Green cleaning & sustainable packaging
• Cleaning Equipment
• Labeling solutions