Building Service Contractor professionals need to focus on their core competency– cleaning their customer’s facilities effectively, efficiently, and within budget.

Janzimar’s experienced janitorial//sanitation consultants partner with BSCs to advance the image, safety, health, and sustainability of the facilities you service. We share your commitment to customer satisfaction and quality, and tailor our programs to help build your brand with each of your clients. At Janzimar, we currently handle BSCs that clean and service over 700 facility buildings. We partner with the BSCs to make sure that the supply end is transparent to their customers.

We do this through our "Just-In-Time" delivery systems, innovative product offerings, labor-saving cleaning solutions, and cleaning industry-specific expertise. Our consultation and training contributes to clean//green buildings and satisfied customers. We also have exclusive technology through our new online ordering portal, OrderPro, which will help you and your team streamline ordering and budgets for each of your accounts.

If you have a new client, we offer start up support as well as an extensive range of products to ensure on-site preparation, including janitorial supplies and equipment. Janzimar also offers leasing options for equipment and other related accessories that can help with your organization’s cash flow and critically impact your startup costs.

Training is the key for all businesses, and we provide the training tools to help your team achieve consistent standards of cleanliness at each one of your locations. Here at Janzimar, we have specialists who work with you to conduct chemical and equipment training for your team. This includes thorough, on-site initial trainings as well as ongoing training support, offered day and night, for your area managers and team. We strive to give you a consistent level of cleaning through specific training modules that were developed with our vendors. These include Floor Care, Carpet Care, Green Cleaning, and Restroom Care. We also offer bilingual training and new hire training. Please take advantage of our best cleaning practices in order to help your organization save on labor expenses.